Emotion Focused Therapy Skills and Training

Portland Emotion Focused Therapy™

Training for Therapists

We provide training in emotion-focused psychotherapy (EFT) with an emphasis on developing a solid foundation in the fundamental EFT concepts that underlie work with both individuals and couples. Emotion-focused therapy integrates interventions from client-centered therapy and gestalt therapy with principles evolving from cutting-edge research on emotions, modern attachment theory, and the emotional change process. These principles are incorporated into detailed, research based tasks (maps) that provide focused, effective interventions. Understanding that the therapy relationship is a critical part of the change process while using these emotion-focused tasks to move the therapy forward is the hallmark of EFT, whether working with individuals or couples.

Our Approach to Emotion-Focused Therapy

EFT has evolved into two distinct schools that have very little interaction with each other (see EFT books). Susan Johnson's school has focused primarily on couple therapy. Leslie Greenberg's school, with the exception of an important update to the couple therapy model, has focused primarily on individual therapy. Although there are significant differences, both of these approaches evolved from Greenberg’s integration, in the early 1980s, of systems theory and relational model perspectives with his earlier work, and they overlap considerably in both theory and practice.

Our approach to EFT evolved from our desire to use and teach a single, coherent framework for working with both individuals and couples that integrates the best of both schools. We have developed an accessible, effective, clear-cut model that is based on the latest EFT research. For more information about our unique approach to integrating individual and couple EFT models, you can contact us or read our chapter in the Clinical Handbook of Emotion-Focused Therapy (Greenberg & Goldman, 2019).

Core Training Groups

Portland EFT™ offers two core training groups, EFT for individuals and EFT for couples. This training provides a theoretical and experiential foundation in emotion-focused therapy and reviews major concepts and interventions presented in both Greenberg's and Johnson's schools. Each training group is offered on alternating years and meets on four weekends for a total of forty CE hours of training. The format includes guided readings, lectures, skill building exercises, role plays, and videos of therapy sessions. Our approach to training is information dense, well-organized and offers a clear-cut map of the EFT therapy model and specific tasks. Throughout our training, we connect theory with practice and keep the learning experience lively, clinically relevant, and interactive. More information about our core training groups >>

Advanced Training Groups

Following our core training groups, we offer advanced training groups focusing primarily on case consultation. These training groups meet monthly on Fridays for four hours. A group can opt to do ongoing readings. The format is then a brief review and discussion of the selected reading, followed by case consultation. The readings are chosen by the group from a list of Books for Training Groups.


We also offer consultation for individual and couple therapy cases on an ongoing basis or for single appointments.

For More Information

If you are interested in training, consultation, or finding out more about emotion-focused therapy, please call or email us. We would enjoy talking with you about your needs or answering any questions you may have.

Comments About Our Training

"Excellent organization and handouts."

"Charles and Jamie, your warmth and supportiveness really facilitates the learning process. You were always reassuring and encouraging."

"Charles and Jamie keep things lively and interesting. I really looked forward to doing this... Thanks for a great learning experience!"

"It was intellectually stimulating and practical. This exposure to The Edwardses has been edifying and improved my practice 10 fold!"

"You two have made a huge impact on my work as a therapist. Thank you so much!"

"The best training I've ever been in!"

"Great experience. Has radically evolved my work. Excited to keep learning EFT."

"This has been huge in solidifying a theoretical orientation for me - something I've been searching for since graduate school... Thank you!"

"Jamie and Charles are also trained in psychodynamic therapy and have other theoretical lenses so they teach from a wide knowledge base."

"Jamie and Charles are clearly top notch clinicians and trainers. Their presentations are clear, concise, varied, and always interesting. They have gleaned immense amounts of state of the art theory...and present it in such a way that you are fascinated throughout...Highly personable and not threatening. I cannot recommend this training highly enough."