About Us

We have the expertise and perspective that comes from over thirty years of providing individual and couple therapy, our commitment to keep abreast of critical new theories and new innovations as our field has evolved, and training other therapists in these cutting edge innovations.

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Charles Edwards, Ph.D.

I'm a licensed psychologist and have been working with individuals, couples, and training other therapists for over thirty years. I believe that the therapist's personal presence is as important as professional skills. Throughout my career I have balanced professional training with personal work. I strongly believe that to provide clients with an in-depth, life changing experience the therapist has to be present, self aware, and emotionally engaged as well as skilled.

My current work reflects intensive professional training in several different theoretical approaches including psychodynamic psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, and emotion-focused therapy for individuals and couples. Additionally, I have had extensive training in collaborative couple therapy with Dan Wile. My work also reflects my longstanding interest in mindfulness practices.

There have been several important influences on my personal development. I have had two long term multi-year psychotherapies, one with a gestalt therapist and one with a relational psychodynamic therapist. My meditation practice started in the late seventies when I became interested in meditation and went to my first intensive retreat. I also have learned much from my experiences as a husband and father in my marriage of over thirty years.

I have been interested in teaching and training therapists throughout my career. I started training other students in graduate school where I provided consultation to less experienced therapists in the school's training clinic. As a professor I continued to train and supervise students in a professional psychology doctoral program. I also taught graduate level courses in statistics, research design, and humanistic psychotherapy. I now provide consultation and ongoing training seminars as part of my private practice.

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Jamie Levin-Edwards, Psy.D

I'm a licensed psychologist and have been working with individuals, couples, and adolescents since 1980. My extensive training and years of experience have given me the skills necessary to bring careful understanding, compassion, and expertise to each client's needs. I take my responsibility seriously and find the therapy process meaningful, rewarding, humbling, always intriguing. I look forward to working with each new client. Together we can create an experience that will help solve problems and encourage personal growth; it can be life-transforming.

My training, career path, and specialties have involved my own psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, intensive study in psychoanalytic therapy, ongoing consultation, and a years-long weekly training group in gestalt therapy with Nan Narboe. I have trained with Dan Wile, a renowned couple therapist, and studied his collaborative couple therapy work, as well as training in emotionally focused therapy for both individuals and couples. My practice features an integrative approach that is designed to fit the particular needs of the individual or couple.

I also offer training and consultation for therapists as individuals or in small groups, on an ongoing basis or for a single session to provide case assistance. I provide consultation to help negotiate therapeutic alliance ruptures and treatment impasses and facilitate training groups on character issues, attachment theory, and emotion-focused therapy for both individuals and couples.